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Addiction can sometimes be a complex disease, and our professional alcohol detox facilities clinicians and therapists are experienced in treating cross addictions such as gambling or sex addictions; as well as addressing deeper mental health issues that may be the underlying cause for your alcohol dependency. Clearing the path to sobriety will help us make you succeed in remaining sober. Addiction is a disease that affects our loved ones as well. Your loved ones are also heavily impacted.

Get Rid of the Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms With Detox

Your stay at our detox treatment center is an important factor in your journey to recovery, and by inviting your loved ones to support you during this crucial process, you’ll have a much easier time staying sober for life. Addiction affects the whole family and that’s why the family program is a crucial factor to our rehab program.

Our alcohol detox plans are abstinence-based, holistic methods that use a Twelve-step model, and your personalized sobriety plan will include some or all of the following:

  • Daily meditations and goal-oriented sessions Gym workouts, yoga sessions, and Tai Chi classes occur all week, and can aide in detoxing your body from the harmful chemicals of alcohols and alcohol
  • A complete wellness focus that uses fitness, nutrition, and alternative pain management techniques
  • Chiropractic and massage sessions weekly.

The best alcohol detox programs offer personlized sobriety systems. They involve LGBT treatments, rehab based on Christianity, and customized programs for women. Our detox center is fully developed based on the most effective recovery programs that deal with the specific needs of each client. Since alcohol addiction controls your life, gaining sobriety will take a great deal of energy and commitment.

Medical Detox ~ Safely

Our personalized detox facilities treatment plans will be both effective and affordable for you. At Oasis, we focus on a private and individualized treatment program designed for your specific situation, so that you can recover and get your life back in a way that works for you. Keeping our program small gives us the opportunity to form a solid bond with our clients, which helps them recover from their addiction and gives them a chance at permanently overcoming their dependency.

The end result of this recovery process is taking your life back. If you are addicted to alcohol, you will eventually have to come to terms with many challenging issues in order to develop a strong sense of recovery, emotional stability, and maturity. Honesty is required for you to begin the journey to living a sober lifestyle.

At our detox facility, you will realize that our methods for treating the mental, physical, and emotional sides to addiction will provide you with the tools to remain sober. Our team of dedicated professionals is experienced with treating alcohol addiction and the behavioral issues that occur during the process. Our detox centers offer customized clinical supervision, consistent evaluations, and regularly updated individualized recovery plans. If at any point a patient has a mental breakdown during their stay here, they do not have to wait for someone to address it.

Our Alcohol Detox Facility Treats The Disease:

Medical staff that specializes in addiction medicine
A constant on-site medical team
Teams of interdisciplinary medical and clinical professionals
Psychiatrist specializing in addiction
Trusted dual-diagnosis program
Medicine management courses
Managing life skills like nutrition and exercise
Therapy alone or in groups
counseling with the family
Eventful activities, along with art and music therapy

Our holistic path to recovery involves nutrition, fitness, and natural pain management, so our clients not only overcome their alcohol dependency, but also heal themselves spiritually. Our top of the line addiction professional therapists guide each person through a healing path to sobriety, enhancing their wellness, nutrition, and inner balance; while helping them to build a support network full of people who keep them sober. We offer group therapy, individual counseling, and spiritual counseling, as well as EMDR therapy, anger management, and relapse prevention tracks.

Can you outpatient detox program if you are living at home? Can you sober up yourself if you are always passing your old liquor store or the area where you used alcohols? Can you overcome cravings alone? Your answer to these three questions, based on current statistics, is probably “no”. However, if you enter into a rehab away from home, your chances of getting and staying sober are much higher.

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